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29 April 2015 | 4:09 PM | 0 comments
Peace be upon you and hello there 👋

Its been a long time since I haven't post anything here. And now, I'm super awkward with this whole blog-things and my mind was in completely blank , what I suppose to write here. Haha, I have no idea. So, just go with what I'm doing right now, like seriously. 

I've already got my SPM's result ! Well, it didn't go like I was expected but still, I'm grateful with what I've got. I got 8 A's and a B+. Yeah, I know what are you thinking right now, the B spoiled the whole things but things will never happen if there is no reason, right ? Its Addmath which I got B+. Haha , kay, it is normal. Since our year received a big bomb with a new format, which we weren't used to it and that was the only subject that I was not good enough.

p.s// mind my English though. bwahaha

So, after that I did a lot of things like searching for scholarship, interviews, sleeping at home, learning some japanese words, reading a lot of books, went out with friends and eat. But most of the time, I just read. I had already read like , 21 books ? Harry Potter series, Lost Voice trilogy, Percy Jackson series, Heroes of Olympus series and many more. And I still have a lot of books left on my shelf to read. Oh God. That was totally , weird. Because I used to read some Malay novels and a few entrepreneurs books but now , what exactly was happened to me ?

Haha, I developed this hobby when I realized that my grammar , everything about my English was so poor. Extremely in danger. After that, I started to read Harry Potter series, recommended by one of my college friends. Then, like a magic was happened, I was glued to that series and eventually, watch its adaptation into movies and become a Potterhead . bwahaha

Okay , enough of that, or else, I will only write about that series. 

Now, I want to tell you a secret. (Like Ella's mother whispered to her)
I'm gonna continued my education next month. Haha . At kmkulim, far, very far at Kedah. So, I'm gonna missed this Sabah so much, the land where I was born. Wish me luck, and pray for me the best. Sighed. I was so nervous but anticipating. Can you feel me ?

By the way, I had to go. I've got a loads of work to do today. Bye. 

Assalamualaikum . May you have a nice day to live on.